AgSHOP - Local Soil Health Workshop Grant - 2025


Funding will be made available for the conservation district to host local workshops/conferences focused on soil health. The funding cap will be $10,000 per application, with a focus on holding workshops in the 2025 calendar year. The grants will be reimbursement-based. Funding will be used for the rental of event facility, speaker fees, supplies, advertisements, and meals (within per diem rate)


Grant opening date: May 6th, 2024

Grant closing date:   June 14th, 2024

Grant Cycle Total Funding Available: $30,000

Award Ceiling $10,000

Award Floor $1,500

Minimum Awards to be Granted: 3

Match Requirement: None Required. Cash Only Match Allowed


Organizations that work with agriculture producers in the state of Utah.

Organizations with the capacity and experience to host high-quality local events.

Organizations with experience in grant management, and project implementation.

Must be for a new event or significantly expanding the scope of existing events.

Eligible Costs: 

  • Event space rental
  • Speaker Fees
  • Meals (within state per diem rates)
  • Printed Materials / Supplies
  • Advertisements
  • Administrative Costs (5% max)


  • Expanding localized knowledge of soil health principles and practices across the state through smaller community-sized education and outreach events across the state.     
    • Conferences / Workshops


  • Provide resources to cover expenses to     
    • Pay for expert speakers
    • Pay for soil practitioner presenters from around the state to present
    • Supplies, advertisements, and event rental to host the events


  • Providing a support network for producers implementing soil health
  • Increase implementation of soil health practices through knowledge sharing     
    • Field days / Demonstration Events